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Select a date, time, and location for you wax removal. A 7-day a week availability means you will be guaranteed a same day appointment.


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You’ll be seen by a highly skilled Audiologist who will remove your ear wax, leaving you wax free within 30 minutes of attending. With no downtime required, you can go about your day as usual.


Free Aftercare and Advice

After your wax removal appointment our Audiologists will provide you with advice on how to manage your earwax going forward. If you require a follow-up appointment, this will be complimentary at no cost to you.



Earwax can be a literal pain, when fully blocked it can affect your hearing, balance, and affect your general well-being. With a 7-day a week availability, we can guarantee same day wax removal and more importantly, relief from the blockage!


Wherever you live in the U.K, we’ve got you covered. We’ve teamed up with the best clinics around the country so that you can find a location suitable for you. Wherever you live in the U.K, we’ve got you covered. We’ve teamed up with the best clinics around the country so that you can find a location suitable for you.


Safety is our priority. We employ skilled Audiologists for safe earwax removal. Prior to your appointment, you’ll be informed of the clinician and their qualifications, providing reassurance.



Earwax microsuction

This is a premier technique for eliminating earwax. A gentle suction tube is cautiously introduced into the ear canal, while under the close observation through a microscope or magnifying loupe, to thoroughly remove any accumulated debris or wax from within the ear canal.


Earwax removal using water irrigation

Water is an effective method used to remove debris or wax, only if there is a healthy canal 2.and in-tact eardrum. Low pressure pulses of lukewarm water are used to flush out the ear canal. Our Audiologists will always examine the ears to check for suitability of this procedure and will only carry out water irrigation if it is safe to do so.


Manual removal of earwax

There are many curette instruments with different tips that are designed for gentle removal of earwax close to the ear canal entrance. The instruments are carefully inserted into the ear canal to clear the debris or wax.


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Use olive oil ear drops!

We strictly follow the highest standards of practice and uphold the recommendations of NHS UK in using medical-grade olive oil or almond drops to soften ear wax.


Step away from the cotton buds!

Cotton buds are not made for the ears. Remember the saying “nothing smaller than your elbow in your ears”.


Don’t use Hopi ear candles!

There’s minimal evidence to support the effectiveness of Hopi ear candles. In fact, they’ve been associated with potential harm to the ears and face.

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Individual Approach

We assess each client’s needs carefully to offer a tailor-made treatment plan.

High Hygiene Standards

Your safety is our utmost priority. We adhere to strict hygiene protocols throughout our procedures.

Guidance and Advice

Beyond just treating you, we provide advice on preventive measures to avoid recurrent ear wax buildup.

Advanced Facilities

We utilise cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure an efficient and comfortable ear wax removal process.

Seamless Booking Process

With our straightforward booking system, scheduling an appointment is a breeze.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients always receive top-notch services, providing relief and improving their quality of life.


This depends on how much wax you produce. For some annual wax removal might be sufficient, for others, particularly hearing aid users, people with narrow canals and those who suffer from regular wax build up, may benefit from 6 monthly wax removal appointments.

Earwax is produced in response to something coming into contact with the ears. Things such as headphones, earbuds, hearing aids can stimulate the production of ear wax.

Believe it or not your ears are self-cleaning!
In most people small pieces of earwax usually makes its way out of the canal. When you move your jaw, part of the TMJ joint moves back into the ear canal and helps to remove wax from the ear canal.

Earwax is completely normal and there to protect your ears.
Some people are prone to producing more wax than others. People with narrow canals can for instance, suffer from wax removal blockages more often than those with normal sized canals. They may not have a lot of wax in general, however it can be sufficient to cause them difficulties in hearing.
The use of hearing aids, ear buds and have a dry skin condition can affect wax build up.
If you are concerned about regular wax build up, you may benefit from micro suction.

The Audiologist has undertaken training in debris and wax removal and will use best-practice procedure to minimise any risk of harm. However, even when wax removal is performed with the upmost care, there is a small risk of:

  • Damage to or infection of the skin of the ear canal or the eardrum.
  • A temporary shift in hearing thresholds.
  • Start/aggravate any existing tinnitus.
  • Risk of temporary dizziness or discomfort.

Wax is normal and you cannot prevent your ears from producing wax.

But some people produce excess earwax. One of the most common causes of earwax blockage is attempting to remove wax using cotton buds or inserting any foreign object in your ear canal. This has can have adverse effect and can push wax deeper, creating a blockage.

Frequent use of earphones and hearing aids can also stimulate the cerumen glands and prevent earwax from coming out of the ear canals and cause blockages.

Micro suction is completely safe for children and can be a quick and effective solution for children with blocked ears. We are happy to see children if they can sit unsupported and must be accompanied with an adult during the appointment. Our specialist trained Audiologist will put your child at ease whilst gently removing the ear wax with a suction tube.

Microsuction can occasionally make you feel dizzy. This is because of the cooling effect of air on the ear drum. This short spell of dizziness usually passes within a few seconds. If you feel dizzy during or after the procedure, please inform your Audiologist and remain seated for a few minutes until the dizziness passes.

We abide by best practice principles and uphold the NHS UK recommendations for the use of medical-grade olive oil or almond drops to ease ear wax.

Earwax is made up of secretions from two glands: the ceruminous and the sebaceous glands. The ceruminous gland is a sweat gland that rests just outside the ear canal. The sebaceous glands passes oil that helps lubricate the skin.

Micro suction is a quick, safe, and effective procedure with limited down time.
You should notice a difference straight away, with results improving as the day goes on.

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