The Ear Waxed Mission

Ear Waxed Mission is to raise money for dementia


The first principle of the Ear Waxed Mission Statement requires that we build a sustainable business; and sustainability translates directly to sales and profits. Anything short of profitability is a hobby and while hobbies are fun, they are not self sustaining.

Sustainability also speaks to duration. We want to grow the business to the point where we can weather sales cycles and market trends. We want to sustain our operations well into the foreseeable future.


The second principle of our Mission Statement demonstrates our intent to serve others beyond simply ourselves. This service can take on many forms but our charter initiative is to contribute to the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease and to Raise Money for Dementia.

Our decision to partner in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia is a personal one for our founder who lost his mother to the disease.

In fact, the decision to adopt such a business model was born of a simple idea or wish.

Each year since my mother passed, I’ve contributed to an Alzheimer’s charity in her memory. Every time I wish I could contribute more. When I read about promising studies and tests like this one, I wish I could do more to directly help fund the next stages of research and testing.

The idea behind Ear Waxed is to help bridge that gap. Let’s take a universally popular product and sell our own high quality version and contribute from the profits.

It turns out that together, we can do more.

See our About Page for more about our decision to sell Earbuds and our vision for scaling operations.


Operationally our stair-step goals should help propel us towards our mission.

Goal One – Launch our product – We currently are finalizing agreements with our supply chain partnersEar Waxed Pro-Cast - Best Tangle Free Earbuds and we hope to reach the market in late Summer 2015.

Goal Two – Breakeven – At present we’re a 100% self funded venture, which is to say its all personal risk. Every expense is out of pocket and (soon we hope), every sale will help to propel us forward.

Goal Three – Remain profitable while scaling the business – We need to closely manage revenues and sales so we can increase inventories at an appropriate pace. Growth may be slow as we get started but it’ll help us manage down our risk.

Goal Four – Level up our contribution and service – Once operations become stable and predictable, we plan to increase our contributions. From the start $1 from EVERY product purchase is donated. This is true even as we work towards breakeven and even as we use promo-codes to jump start our launch. However, once we acheive a proven level of sustainability and predictability our goal is to contribute even more.

As we move forward, we’ll update our progress and evolution on each of these goals so we hope you’ll make a point of coming back to check on us. In the meantime, we appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you enjoying your very own Ear Waxed Pro-Cast very soon.

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