Introducing the Ear Waxed Pro-Cast – The Best Earbuds Under 30 Dollars

The Ear Waxed Pro-Cast delivers style and performance at a sensible price and with community minded awareness. Whether you listen to your favorite music, enjoy podcasts, or simply take calls on the go, the Pro-Cast is the right earbud for you! These are reliable earbuds with good sound quality while also the best earbuds under 30 dollars on the market today.

Tangle Free Earbud with Mic

Ear Waxed Pro-Cast - Best Tangle Free Earbuds - Best Earbuds Under 30 DollarsTangle free earbuds

Frustrating cable tangles are a thing of the past with our flat cables. Make listening to your music and podcasts aggravation free with Ear Waxed Pro Cast earbuds.

Earbuds with Microphone

Transition seamlessly from music to phone calls with an earbud designed to handle both. The Pro Cast built in microphone is perfect for those always on the move.

Most Comfortable Earbuds

The Ear Waxed Pro Cast tangle free earbuds come with soft and pliable earpads that are designed with your comfort in mind. Earpads come in 3 sizes to accommodate a wide range of fit preferences.

High Quality Earbuds

At Ear Waxed, our objective is to provide our customers with the best sounding earbuds within our market space. We see this as part of the value we want to bring to our customers and we think you’ll agree.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Our noise cancelling technology is designed to enhance your listening enjoyment, as well as, your phone call quality.Ear Waxed Pro-Cast - Best Tangle Free Earbuds

Free Headphones

At Ear Waxed we don’t just sell high quality earbuds but we use them too. In the car, at the office, traveling, and working out, I often have several pairs of good earbuds within reach. We want this to be true for you too so we are always running promotions, discounts, and giveaways because we want to be your earbud brand of choice. Check out our Promotions page for the latest steals you can even use today.

Durable Earbuds

We stand behind our product with a one year warranty because we want to earn more than your business; we want your trust.

Best Earbuds under 30 Dollars

For me earbud shopping is all about value. Where can I get a good reliable full-feature product at the best price? If that describes you then I believe the Ear Waxed Pro-Cast is just what you’re looking for. We’re looking to strike the best balance between price and performance at we think we doing pretty well.  Best under $30?  Heck, how about getting 2 for that price?

Fight Alzheimer’s!

At Ear Waxed, Alzheimer’s is personal. Our founder’s mother succumbed to Alzheimer’s at the young age of 64 and thus Ear Waxed is dedicating a portion of every product purchase to the fight this disease. For more information check out our Mission Statement.

Tangle Free Earbud with Mic

Ear Waxed - Best Tangle Free Earbuds

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