Author: Dave

3 Simple Steps Can Make a Huge Difference, Help Us Raise Money for Dementia

Your vote counts! Here are three silly simple steps to ensure that you have an outsized impact in the battle against Alzheimer’s and in our mission to raise money for Dementia! Amazon is one of the world’s leading market places with

Alzheimer’s Disease

Let’s start this page with a word of caution. We’re not healthcare experts and in no way are we proporting to be Alzheimer’s Disease experts. However, because we have a vested interest – its part of what we’re about and its central

The Ear Waxed Mission

  The first principle of the Ear Waxed Mission Statement requires that we build a sustainable business; and sustainability translates directly to sales and profits. Anything short of profitability is a hobby and while hobbies are fun, they are not self sustaining. Sustainability

Introducing the Ear Waxed Pro-Cast – The Best Earbuds Under 30 Dollars

The Ear Waxed Pro-Cast delivers style and performance at a sensible price and with community minded awareness. Whether you listen to your favorite music, enjoy podcasts, or simply take calls on the go, the Pro-Cast is the right earbud for you! These