3 Simple Steps Can Make a Huge Difference, Help Us Raise Money for Dementia

Your vote counts! Here are three silly simple steps to ensure that you have an outsized impact in the battle against Alzheimer’s and in our mission to raise money for Dementia!

Amazon is one of the world’s leading market places with over $20 billion in annual sales. To participate well in this market you need to get your product in front of as many buyers as possible. That’s what the following steps are all about – positioning Ear Waxed well within these rankings.

Help Us Raise Money for Dementia

Let’s walk through our 3 simple steps to demonstrate:

Step One: Buy an Ear Waxed Earbud

Buy a Pro-Cast using this specialized link Tangle Free Earbud with Mic. You can even use promo code BJ29A2SR  for a discount. I know, gosh that sounds so self-serving but let’s unpack the idea.

Amazon is actually one of the world’s largest search engines. Think of Google or YouTube and understand that the search bar on Amazon is very similar. You enter a product or description and Amazon delivers results. The products that rank higher within those results tend to sell more, sometimes lots more. So helping to rank a product for key search terms can have an outsized impact. As our product ranks high enough for ‘random’ shoppers to find us, our sales and contributions go up too.

The specific link above is important because it replicates a search using a term for which we want to rank. So when it generates a sale, it moves us up the rankings.

Step Two: Rate your Ear Waxed Purchase

Rate our product on Amazon. Follow this *Insert Link* and leave us an authentic product review once you have received and tested our product.

For starters, Amazon shoppers love to see what others think about a product before making a purchase decision. This is called social proof and we all do it to some extent.

Secondly, Amazon likes to rank products that shoppers actually like, imagine that. So just as a purchase is a vote for a product, so too is a review.

Please note we only want your authentic and honest reviews. If our product is not meeting your expectations please let us know so we can address it. This is important because requesting or promoting phony reviews is a violation of our agreement with Amazon, besides just being bad form.

Step Three: Share Ear Waxed with a Friend

Tell a friend about us. We think our product stands on its own merit, but our mission is pretty cool too. If you agree then help spread the word.

Like and Share on Facebook. Forward a link to our site. Hire a sky writer. One share at a time, that’s how we’ll make our difference.

If just a handful of early adopters carry us through these simple steps the momentum can be profound. Can we count on you to help give us a nudge?


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